Energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment market is expected to explode

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Polaris Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection News: On January 7, *** publicized the "Recommended Catalogue of Energy-saving Electromechanical Equipment (Products) (Fourth Batch)" (consultation draft), including transformers, motors, industrial boilers, plastic machinery, 9 categories of 192 equipment (products) such as compressors, refrigeration, pumps, fans, and heat treatment.

The reporter also learned that this year will continue to promote the elimination of high-energy-consuming equipment. Actively promote financial support for the elimination of outdated motors, pumps, and transformers, and promote the application and technological transformation of energy-saving technologies for internal combustion engines.

At present, there are many kinds of domestic electromechanical products, but in general, the system efficiency is relatively low, and it is in an inefficient operation for a long time. Some enterprises that produce electromechanical systems lack understanding of the economic benefits brought by electromechanical systems, or have obstacles to the technical problems of electromechanical energy-saving retrofits. The industry believes that although energy-saving electromechanical equipment has been in a state of coldness and heat for a long time, under the promotion of low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction policies, the promotion and application of energy-saving electromechanical equipment will surely make substantial progress.

The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” clearly states that by 2015, the energy-efficient household appliances and office equipment will have a market share of 70%; the energy efficiency of wind turbines, pumps, transformers and other equipment will reach the international advanced level, and the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size. The energy consumption is about 21% lower than that of 2010, and the energy saving is 670 million tons of standard coal. This move will undoubtedly speed up the process of eliminating backward mechanical and electrical equipment and the promotion progress of energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment.

In this regard, relevant experts said that with the active implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction and the gradual implementation of high-efficiency energy-saving motor subsidy policy, the energy-efficient motor industry will usher in explosive growth. In the next few years, energy-saving electrical equipment will account for more than 60% of new small and medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment in China, and the market for energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment will reach 50 billion yuan.

Wang Xiaolin, an industry researcher at Beijing Jiahua Consulting Co., told reporters that according to the previous thinking of energy saving and emission reduction, on the one hand, it is necessary to speed up the promotion of energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment, on the other hand, it is necessary to eliminate backward mechanical and electrical equipment. With the elimination of high-energy-consuming electromechanical equipment, a corresponding batch of energy-saving mechanical and electrical products will be supported by policies and appear to grow rapidly.

Wang Xiaolin said that at present, China is at a critical stage of accelerating industrial development. The large-scale electromechanical equipment is the main terminal energy-using equipment for industrial enterprises, and consumes a large amount of electric energy every year. The reporters found that in order to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity and backward high-energy-consuming equipment, *** has issued a number of "high-energy-poor backward mechanical and electrical equipment (products) elimination catalogue."

According to Shangpu Consulting industry analysts, energy-saving electromechanical equipment adopts new design concepts, new processes and new materials to improve the output rate by reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy. Compared with standard electromechanical equipment, the energy-saving effect of energy-saving electromechanical equipment is very obvious, usually can increase the efficiency of about 4%, and the market prospect of energy-saving electromechanical equipment is promising.

The reporter found that many companies are actively adjusting their business structure to meet the golden period of the energy-saving electromechanical equipment market.

Scorpio Energy Savings announced on January 7 that it will purchase a 60% stake in Henan Far East New Century and implement an energy-efficient motor project with an annual output of 5 million kilowatts.

Tianzhu energy-saving people said that the promotion and application of high-efficiency and energy-saving motors is an important starting point for industrial energy conservation. In recent years, the country has successively launched a series of policies for high-efficiency motors, which will bring good development opportunities to relevant enterprises and have broad market prospects. . This *** reflects the company's strategic intention to further expand the industrial energy-saving market segment, and is another important industry based on EMC's waste heat power generation.