SC-600-3R7T2 single-phase high performance vector inverter

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SC-600-3R7T2 Model Specifications:

Inverter model

Power capacity (kVA)

Input current (A)

Output current (A)

Adapter motor

(kW) (HP)

Single-phase power supply : 220V 50/60Hz







SC-600-3R7T2 Features:

1, the voltage level is complete, covering: 220V, 380V, 660V.
2, support a variety of communications: modbus (profibus-dp, can-open and other optional cards).
3, support a variety of speed feedback cards: various types of rotary encoders and rotary transformers.
4. Fast and successive current limiting function to ensure that the load does not trip and output a large torque.
5, 3 channel A / D sampling, suitable for the majority of industrial control, flexible settings, improve field applications.
6, high-quality algorithm, regardless of open-loop vector, closed-loop vector, or V / F control, can achieve the required speed control requirements, and low-frequency torque is large and stable.
7. Support synchronous motor closed-loop vector operation.
8. Support torque control. When V/F control, current speed tracking, V/F separation, and effectively eliminate light load oscillation, etc., *** output frequency can reach 3200Hz.
9, the unique instantaneous stop non-stop function, can quickly decelerate and stop when the power is off, prevent the mechanical inertia rotation for a long time, more safe, and can complete the debugging quickly.
10. It has 2 sets of motor parameter settings, *** switching and timing PLC running, PID running, user customized parameter group setting.
11, "one-button shuttle" keyboard, support hot swap, can store / copy function parameters.
12, can be applied to winding control, multi-motor drag load distribution under the same load and other occasions.
13, the spare parts of the inverter are selected: energy *** unit, DC brake unit, energy-saving control cabinet and so on.

SC-600-3R7T2 outstanding performance:

- Excellent torque and speed control performance
◆ Speed control accuracy can reach plus or minus 1 rpm at 100% torque. Under sensorless vector control, the torque response is <20ms. With sensor vector control, the torque response is <5ms;
◆Applicable to high speed CNC spindles above 10,000 rpm;
◆Deceleration and shutdown, superior performance, fast and accurate parking in 0.1 seconds;
◆Applicable to precision machine tools, synchronous operation, school oil pump and other loads.

--The world's leading speed sensorless vector control algorithm
◆No speed sensor vector control, can block the movement, output 150% of the rated torque at 0Hz;
◆Parameter identification method of independent patent technology, which can accurately perform self-learning of motor parameters of rotating or stationary;
◆ Easy to debug, simple to operate, *** higher control accuracy and response speed;
◆ Can be applied to winding control, multi-motor drag and load distribution under the same load.

--High starting torque characteristics
◆SC600 inverter can ***150% starting torque at 0.5Hz (sensorless vector control), ***180% zero speed torque at 0Hz (with sensor vector control);
◆Applicable to the occasions of large starting resistance, rapid acceleration and deceleration, crane, mud machine, mixer, gantry planer, injection molding machine, extruder and other loads.

SC-600-3R7T2 powerful features:

--Protection of mechanical torque***
◆SC600 inverter can ***torque ***, when the torque exceeds the *** torque that the machine can withstand, the inverter can set the torque *** within the set *** torque Better protect equipment safety under the premise of mechanical efficiency;
◆Reliable torque *** (torque *** value 150%) is suitable for loads such as cranes and extruders.

-- Instant stop
◆This function will only stop the inverter when the power is cut off in an instant. In the case of instantaneous power failure or sudden voltage drop, the inverter reduces the output speed, and the voltage is reduced by the load *** energy to maintain the inverter for a short time. continue working;
◆Applicable to chemical fiber, textile production and other loads.

-- fast current limiting function
◆The fast current limiting function can avoid frequent overcurrent of the inverter. When the current exceeds the current protection point, the fast current limiting function can quickly *** the current in the current protection point, thus protecting the safety of the equipment and avoiding Overcurrent caused by sudden load or interference***.

--Speed tracking function
◆Automatic patented speed tracking algorithm; fast and smooth, zero impact *** motor *** rotation speed, only used for high inertia centrifuges, induced draft fans, electric vehicles and other occasions.

SC-600-3R7T2 Technical Specifications:



basic skills


Vector control: 0 ~ 300Hz

V/F control: 0~3200Hz

Carrier frequency

0.5kHz to 16kHz

The carrier frequency can be automatically adjusted according to the load characteristics.

Input frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz

Simulation setting: *** frequency *0.025%

control method

Open loop vector control (SVC)

Closed loop vector control (FVC)

V/F control

Starting torque

G type machine: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC); 0Hz/180% (FVC)

P type machine: 0.5Hz/100%

Speed range

1:100 (SVC)

1:1000 (FVC)

Steady speed accuracy

±0.5% (SVC)

±0.02% (FVC)

Torque control accuracy

±5% (FVC)

Overload capability

G type machine: 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 3s.

P type machine: 120% rated current 60s; 150% rated current 3s.

Torque boost

Automatic torque boost; manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%

V/F curve

Three ways: straight type; multi-point type; N-square V/F curve

(1.2 power, 1.4 power, 1.6 power, 1.8 power, 2 power)

V/F separation

2 ways: full separation, semi-separation

Acceleration curve

Straight line or S-curve acceleration and deceleration.

Four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time,

Acceleration and deceleration time range 0.0~6500.0s

DC braking

DC braking frequency: 0.00Hz~*** frequency

Braking time: 0.0s~36.0s

Braking action current value: 0.0%~100.0%

Jog control

Jog frequency range: 0.00Hz~50.00Hz.

The jog acceleration/deceleration time is 0.0s~6500.0s.

Simple PLC, multi-speed operation

Up to 16 speeds via built-in PLC or control terminals

Built-in PID

Process control closed-loop control system

Automatic voltage adjustment (AVR)

Automatically keeps the output voltage constant when the grid voltage changes

Overpressure and overrun control

Automatic current and voltage during operation to prevent frequent overcurrent and overvoltage trips

Fast current limiting

*** Limits to reduce overcurrent faults and protect the inverter from normal operation

Torque limit and control

"Excavator" feature, automatic torque during operation to prevent frequent overcurrent trip; closed loop vector mode for torque control



Personalized function

Excellent performance

Induction motor and synchronous motor control with high performance current vector control technology

Instant stop

During the momentary power failure, the load is restored by the load *** energy compensation voltage, and the inverter is kept running for a short time.

Fast current limiting

Avoid frequent overcurrent faults in the inverter

Timing control

Timing control function: set the time range from 0.0Min to 6500.0Min

Two motor switching

Two sets of motor parameters can realize two motor switching control

Multi-threaded bus support

Support a variety of fieldbus: RS-485, CANLINK

Motor overheat protection

Analog input AI3 accepts motor temperature sensor input support PT100\PT1000

Multi-encoder support

Differential, open collector, UVW, resolver, sine and other encoders


Command source

The operation panel is given, the control terminal is given, and the serial communication port is given. Can be switched in a variety of ways

Frequency source

Multiple frequency sources: digital reference, analog voltage reference, analog current reference, pulse reference, serial port reference. Can be switched in a variety of ways

Auxiliary frequency source

A variety of auxiliary frequency sources. Flexible implementation of auxiliary frequency trimming and frequency synthesis

Input terminal

Standard 7 digital input terminals, one of which supports ***100kHz high-speed pulse input; 3 analog input terminals, 1 only supports 0~10V voltage input, 1 supports 0~10V voltage input or 4~20mA current Input,

1 analog input terminal, support -10~10V voltage input, and support PT100\PT1000

Output terminal

1 high-speed pulse output terminal (optional open collector type), supporting square wave signal output from 0 to 100 kHz

1 digital output terminal

1 relay output terminal

1 analog output terminal, support 0~20mA current output or 0~10V voltage output


Place of use

Indoors without dust, metal dust, corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist, salt spray, water vapor, dripping water


Below 1000 meters

Ambient temperature



Less than 90% RH without condensation


Less than 0.5g

storage temperature


Protection level


SC-600-3R7T2 Appearance and installation dimensions:











Keyboard component






Keyboard tray









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